Shriram Cash Back Term Plan

Cash Back term plan is an affordable and easy-to-obtain protection plan. The plan provides a lump-sum amount in case of death of the life insured during the term of the policy and all the premiums paid towards this policy are returned back on Maturity.

Key Features

  • Insurance cover at affordable rates
  • Return of Premiums at Maturity
  • Pay advance premiums and avail discounts
  • Additional Protection through riders


  • Maturity Benefit:
In case of survival of the life assured till the end of the policy term, all the premiums paid excluding any extras, rider premiums and taxes will be returned.
  • Tax Benefit
Tax benefits are subject to conditions specified under section 10(10D) and section 80C of the Income-tax Act, 1961. Tax laws are subject to amendments from time to time. Customer is advised to take an independent view from tax consultant. Service Tax & Cess, as applicable shall be levied over and above premium amount shown here as per applicable tax laws.
  • Death Benefit
In case of death of the life assured during the policy term, provided all the due premiums have been paid, till the date of death, sum assured on death will be paid. However the Death benefit will be at least 105% of all premiums paid excluding any extra, rider premium and taxes.

Am I eligible?

ENTRY AGE 12 years 50 years
AGE OF MATURITY - 70 years
SUM ASSURED Rs,200,000 Rs.20,00,000
PAYMENT MODES Yearly, Half Yearly, Quarterly and Monthly

What if?

I am unable to pay the premium

  • Grace period of 30 days will be provided

I want to take a loan

  • No Such option is available under this policy