IndiaFirst Guaranteed Retirement Plan

IndiaFirst Guaranteed Retirement Plan is a nonlinked, participating, endowment deferred pension plan. The plan supports you with a dual benefit.

Key Features

  • Earn guaranteed return of 9% on your total premiums paid during first 2/4/6 plan years as per premium payment term
  • Stay ahead of inflation through your consistently growing retirement corpus with bonus in the plan
  • Pay single, limited or regular premiums in line with your cash flow
  • Opportunity to start planning your retirement irrespective of your age.


  • Tax Benefits:
Enjoy tax benefits on the premium you invest under Section 80C of Income Tax Act, 1961. Your family members also get benefits without any applicable Tax, in case of demise of the life assured under Section 10(10) D of Income Tax Act, 1961.
  • Death Benefit:
In case of policyholder's untimely demise while the life assured is a minor, the surviving parent or legal guardian or anyone with an insurable interest in the minor's life will be the policyholder. Under this plan the policyholder gets at least nonzero positive returns at maturity/ vesting.
  • Maturity Benefit:
The life assured will receive Higher of
1.) Sum Assured along with sum of all Guaranteed Additions, if any, of 9% of Total Premium Paid for the first 'x' plan years and a sum of all Simple Reversionary Bonus and Terminal Bonus, if any, paid in to the plan from 'x+1' plan year onwards, as given in the table below and
2.) Defined Assured Benefit which is the total premiums paid accumulated @ 0.15% p.a. compounded annually.

Am I eligible?

ENTRY AGE 0 75 years
MATURITY AGE 40 years 80 years
POLICY TERM 5 years 40 years
SUM ASSURED 1,00,000 for single premium
5,00,000 for regular/limited premium
No limit
PREMIUM PAYMENT TERM For Single Premium: One pay
For limited Premium: 5 and 10 years
For Regular premium: 10 and 35 years.
PAYMENT MODE One time, Yearly, Monthly, Quarterly and Half-Yearly

What if?

I am unable to pay premium on time

Grace period of 30 days will be provided and you should pay the premium with in the specified time period.

I want to take a loan

Such option is not available in the policy