IncomeSurance Guaranteed Money Back Insurance Plan

IDBI Federal Incomesurance Guaranteed Money Back Insurance Plan is a non-linked non-participating money back plan which gives you guaranteed returns on your investment, so that you stop worrying about the future. With Incomesurance, you can guarantee a secure future for your family even when you are not around

Key Features

  • At the time of buying Incomesurance, you know exactly how much you will get as guaranteed annual payouts.
  • You pay premiums only for the first 5 years of the policy.
  • You will receive guaranteed annual payouts at the end of each year from the 6th to the 10th policy year. These payouts are a defined percentage of your annual premium depending on your age at entry
  • You can decide the premium amount based on how much money you want as guaranteed annual payouts from the 6th to 10th year of the policy.
  • In case of the unfortunate death, your family will get 10 times the annual premium as death benefit regardless of any payouts received by you in the past.
  • You have the option to surrender the policy in case of a financial emergency after you pay 2 annual premiums from the date of commencement of your policy.


  • Maturity Benefit
Maturity sum assured will be provided. It is the sum of all the guaranteed annual payouts
  • Death Benefit
In case of the unfortunate event of death of the life insured during the policy term, your nominee will get the death sum assured, which is the highest of:
  • 10 times of annualised premium (excluding service tax, education cess and extra mortality charges)
  • 105% of all premiums paid
  • Maturity sum assured
  • Tax benefit
Tax benefits are subject to conditions specified under section 10(10D) and section 80C of the Income-tax Act, 1961. Tax laws are subject to amendments from time to time. Customer is advised to take an independent view from tax consultant. Service Tax & Cess, as applicable shall be levied over and above premium amount shown here as per applicable tax laws.

Am I eligible?

ENTRY AGE 18 years 55 years
MATURITY AGE - 65 years
POLICY TERM 10 years (Fixed)
Sum Assured Highest of:
• 10 times annual premium or
• 105% of all premiums paid or
• Maturity sum assured

What if?

I am to unable to pay premium

  • Grace period of 30 days will be provided and you should pay the premium with in the specified time period.

I want to take a loan

  • Such option is available under this policy