Edelwiss Tokio Life –Wealth Accumulation (Accelerated Cover)

An investment-cum-risk protection ULIP with tailor made solutions to match your wealth accumulation needs along with the facility to switch your accumulated investment from one fund to another at the opportune time. See your money work for you. An excellent tool to generate funds to meet all future goals like owning a house, luxury vacations etc.

Key Features

  • Tailor made solution to match your wealth accumulation needs.
  • Facility to switch your accumulated investment from one fund to another at the opportune time. You can also choose to redirect your future premiums in funds of your choice.
  • Top-Up facility to enhance your investments resulting in higher accumulated fund value.
  • Access to your wealth any time you require, through facilities like loans and partial withdrawals.
  • Choose to pay premiums for limited period yet enjoy the wealth accumulation and insurance protection over a longer policy term.


  • Maturity Benefit:
Fund value is payable on survival of life assured till the end of policy term. Policyholder also has the option to receive the maturity proceeds in lumpsum or in instalments.
  • Tax Benefit
The Premium(s) paid by you are eligible for tax benefit available under the provisions of Section(s) 80C, 80 CCC (1), 80D, 10(10D) as applicable.
  • Death Benefit
On death of life assured during policy term, higher of below 3 is paid:
1) Sum Assured (including top up sum assured) less partial withdrawals
2) Fund value (including top up fund value) as on date of claim intimation
3) 105% of total premiums paid (including top up premiums) till the time of death

Am I eligible?

ENTRY AGE 5 years 65 years
AGE OF MATURITY 18 years 75 years
BASIC PREMIUM Rs.3,500 (Monthly) No Limit
POLICY TERM 10/15/20/25/30 Years
PREMIUM PAYMENT TERM Regular Premium: Same as policy term
Limited Premium: 5/7/10 years
PAYMENT MODES Monthly, Quarterly, Semi-Annually or Annually

What if?

I am unable to pay the premium

  • Grace period is of 30 days. The policy will remain in force during the grace period.If any premium remains unpaid at the end of the grace period, the policy shall lapse.

I stop the payment

  • On the completion of the grace period the policy will get lapsed and the benefits cannot be claimed on the death of the life insured.

I want to take a loan

  • Loan options are not available for this policy