Why it is advised to kick-start bikes in the morning

You might have heard that In morning bike should be started by a kick, and not by self-start. So, let’s understand why it is advised to kick-start bikes in the morning and what happens when we start by self-start.


  • When you park your bike at night and the next morning when you start your bike that condition is called a cold start. Because at the night, Engine of the bike becomes cold due to the surrounding temperature.
  • While starting an engine in cold condition by using a self-start, self-start motor requires a large current than usual to start a motor, and also engine requires more power from a self-start motor to start.


  • While starting an engine in cold condition, sometimes the engine does not start in a single self, hence you need to give a couple of self-starts to start an engine. This requires more current than usual from the battery and this affects the performance of a battery, reduces battery life, and also can damage a self-start motor or reduces the life of self-start the motor.


  • But, Now a days, bikes and provide with advanced technology batteries and also advanced self-start motors, hence it does not affect either battery or self-start motor even if you start a bike in the morning by self-start.


  • Most of the bikes now don’t have a kick and all bikes with fuel injector systems don’t have a provision of kick, so these bikes can only be started by self-start. But as all these are provided with advanced technology batteries, It does not have any adverse effect on either battery performance or the life of the battery.


  • If you have a bike manufactured before 2010, It is advised to start a bike with kick-start in the morning as it can increase battery and self-motor life. But if you have a bike manufactures after 2010 then it is not necessary to start a bike by kick start because bikes manufactured after 2010 have advanced technology batteries and self-motors.

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