Pollution Certificate to be mandatory!

irdai pucc mandatoryWe all know what is a PUC Certificate or Pollution Under Control Certificate where we have already talked about it in the blog – Know about Pollution Certificate for vehicles!

What are the new orders?

The Insurance Regulatory and Development Authority ( IRDAI)  on August 20, 2020, has issued a new circular that the Pollution Under Control Certificate must be mandatory for each and every vehicles in India from the date of renewal of the Insurance. This is to be exclusively followed by all the general insurance companies who are going to give insurance to the vehicles of the people. The IRDAI has announced this and this has to be followed by all the citizens of India and the governing authority with uniforms has the right to check the vehicle for vehicle PUC Certificate along with insurances. So, now it becomes mandatory to have Pollution Under Control Certificate or PUC Certificate and only then you can renew insurance for your vehicle. If a policy is given to a policyholder by the insurer it means that the policyholder has a vehicle’s PUC. Finally, it always comes to the people of India to always hold a valid PUC.

Hence, PUC Certificate is required to renew your Vehicle and now according to the order from Supreme of India, it is mandatory to have a PUC Certificate. 



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