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cashless garages in chennai

Cashless garages are which when damages incurred to your car in case of any accidents, mishaps, etc. And then you can take your car to the respective garages provided by your insurance company and get your damages fixed. The speciality of cashless garages is that you need not pay any amount upfront and on your behalf, the insurer will cover the claim for the damages covered by your insurance. These garages are now the most reliable inclusion of insurances and it can be an example of why one should have car insurance. Cashless garages explain itself where you need not pay the entire bill in the garage for repairing your car for the damages your car has incurred. The insurance company gives you one of the finest and nearest garages. Most people do not trust the garages for the work they do and that perception of people over garages is drawn down by insurance companies by providing you with the finest of the network garages. The insurance companies select network garages that provide fair services, transparency in pricing, services based on the agreement of the insurer, well-trained staff workers, quick and easy fixation, etc.

So one of the many cashless vehicle insurance providers is HDFC ERGO General Insurance Company

The following are the list of the cashless garages of some of the major cities in Tamilnadu provided by HDFC ERGO General Insurance Company.

  1. Cashless Garages of Chennai city 
  2. Cashless Garages of Coimbatore city.
  3. Cashless Garages of Madurai city.
  4. Cashless Garages of Erode city.
  5. Cashless Garages of Salem city.
  6. Cashless Garages of Trichy city.

These are the provided cashless garages of certain cities and where they contain all the details like dealers name, contact number, etc.

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