Car Insurance Add-ons

The latest statistics show the gradual increase in the number of road accidents and deteriorating condition of roads. At present car insurance become inevitable. It helps you financially, when you met with an accident, but a simple car insurance is not enough for the current era. It is important to have add-on covers for the car insurance. Add-on is nothing, but additional benefit you can have to save yourself from unforeseen expenses. Higher the number of     add-ons, you choose to have, the more will be your premium. Let us discuss the different types of add-ons below.

Zero Depreciation

It is common that, after the accident, some of the parts of the car must have to be changed. Usually, the insurer pays as per the depreciated value of the spares required to be replaced. With zero depreciation cover, you get the claim as per the actual value of spare parts, thus by it helps you save a substantial amount of money.

Engine Cover

The engine is the most important part of the car. Replacing the Engine is very expensive one and no insurance, at present is covering that kind of damage. Having this feature as add-on will helps an individual avoid expensive spending for the engine cover.

Return to Invoice

Generally, a car is valued as per the IDV, which is obviously lower than the actual value of the car. If the car gets totally damaged in an accident or lose due to theft, the insurer will pay as per IDV value, but with this add-on, one can get the actual value of the car.

Assistance on Road

This cover ensures the insurer that, whenever their car breakdown in the middle or facing mechanical problem in the between the journey, assistance will be provided. This cover ensures support from the insurance company in helping you, reach your destination.

Daily Allowance

If your car is at the garage for repairs, this cover helps the insurer with cash in arranging an alternative mode of transport, till they get their car back.

Key Replacement Benefit

If by accident, if the insurer lost his key, this add-on helps him get the actual cost of it, rather than just a limited amount that insurance companies usually offer.

Loss of Personal belonging

Loss of personal belongings (Expensive items) from a locked vehicle due to theft or apparent loss is covered under the loss of personal belonging add-on cover.

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