How to renew insurance for second-hand vehicles?

renew insurance for second hand cars

Most of us tend to buy second-hand cars or bikes because they are less in price and each and every people gets to own a car for themselves. That is for the people who could not afford to buy first-hand cars and also need them second-hand cars are the best and feasible option. New or second-hand a basic car is needed for everyone as it forms the asset to all of us. Therefore in both the cases of buying a car, it is required that both the cars hold third-party insurance or comprehensive insurance to run in the roads of India and this ultimately protects you from any kind of mishaps. But before buying any second-hand cars make sure you go through the claim history of the car. Since it is always better to buy second-hand cars which had no claim history or at least one claim would be fine. If the car had too many claims then it has no value to be purchased.

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In most cases when buying the second-hand vehicles they come with insurance with certain time period left. Renewing the insurance for second-hand cars:

  1.  If the RC is in the name of the first owner, you should proceed to renew your insurance with first owner name only.
  2. You can only renew your insurance only if the name of the first owner has been changed to yours in the RC (Registration Certificate) only then it’s valid.
  3. If you have changed your name in the RC but have the first owner name in the insurance then you can change it to your name too.
  4.  For that get your RC (with your name) and transfer to your name with charges of RS 50/- (different for insurance companies) and then your name is transferred in your insurance copy too.
  5. If you did not change the name in the insurance copy, you cannot make any claim in that insurance. So, immediately change your name in the insurance copy.

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