How to protect cars in floods? Invention that can help you in flood…

The innovative product flood guard claims to protect your car from floating away or being damaged by debris in a flood. It was inspired by the waterproof bags used at beaches to protect phones.

So how does the Flood Guard work?

It is easy to set up the product, just follow the simple steps mentioned below:

  • Lay the bag down on a flat surface and hold the bag open.
  • Slowly drive or push your car into the bag, then turn off your car and exit. Zip the bag up.
  • Fold the zipper edge towards the car. Connect the rear of the bag to the front using the straps and attach the padding.
  • Secure at least two straps to a post, tree, or a fixed structure. This will keep your car from floating away.

Now your car is ready to meet water. No matter how to string the water comes or how high, your car will always remain safe inside the bag.

After the success of flood guard, the company Securo Inc. made an updated version of the same. The new version only takes one person to set up and it can be set up in minutes. It’s lighter than the original version and the shape allows one person to roll the bag over the car.


The Flood Guard could save you from buying a new car.

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