Many people have a fascination of having a fancy number on their newly bought bike or car. But some may find it difficult to have so let’s see how to get VIP/ Fancy number for bike, car, and scooter.


Since it is an e-auction, the fancy registration number is available online at vehicle dealerships. You can choose from the list without the need to visit the RTO.

For example, in Delhi a base price is fixed for each of the VIP car numbers and bidding will begin from this base price.

Below is the process of bidding for a fancy car number:


Step 1:- Visit the site


Step 2:- Before logging into the portal first check the VIP/ fancy no. is available or not by clicking CHOICE NUMBER


Step 3:- After clicking on choice number fill the required information and click on submit


Step 4:-Check out for prices as different number has different price allocated to it.(the more famous the number the more price it takes)


Step 5:- Register online on the website of the Ministry of Road Transport and Highway (MoRTH) as a Public User.


Step 6:-After you sign up and log in to your account, select the fancy number.


Step 7:- Pay the required fees for registration and reserve the number.


Step 8:- Bid for your choice of VIP car number.


Step 9:- Result will be declared. You can pay the balance or collect the refund accordingly.


Step 10:- Print the allotment letter for reference.


After registration it become necessary to inform the RTO about the vehicle no. within 30 days otherwise it will be cancelled automatically.

This is a process to get a VIP/ Fancy number for bike, car, and scooter.

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