Get your Car INSURANCE – INSTANTLY – CoverNest

car insurance covernest

1. Go to CoverNest – and select CAR  INSURANCE.

car insurance 1

2.  The page will be loaded. 

Example this is the input page of car insurance.

car insurance 1

  1. Enter the vehicle registration number.
  2. Click view details.
  3. Policy status, vehicle make, model, variant, manufacturing year will get loaded mostly; else you have to enter. Claim status should be selected from the drop-down.

bike insurance 3 can select your premium from the below-mentioned companies extra add-on which is in the add-on drop-down button and click update. policy type and click update.

car insurance 3

7. If you click the edit option, you can check all the details of your vehicle once.

bike insurance 5

8. After editing, close it and choose any of the available plans below by clicking the “Buy Now “ button and you will be redirected to the below page where you should fill vehicle owner information,

bike insurance 6

vehicle details,

bike insurance 7

previous policy information.

bike insurance 9

 Click next button and

bike insurance 9

9. You will be directed to the policy summary and click confirm.

bike insurance 10

10. You will be directed to the pay premium page. After clicking pay premium you will be directed to pay the premium.

bike insurance 11

11. Also, You will receive an email!

bike insurance 12

Finally, you can get a new policy or renew your policy instantly with super easy service.



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