Alloy wheel vs. Spoke wheel

You might have observed that most of the bikes nowadays are providing alloy wheels, and few companies are still providing a spoke wheel.

Let’s understand the difference between the alloy wheel; and the spoke wheel in detail.


  1. Basic Difference:

The alloy wheel is a single metallic wheel cast without any joint and is manufactured completely automatic without any human interventions. Hence there is no human error in the manufacturing alloy wheel.

The spoke wheel is manufactured by joining a hub to the outer rim using wire spokes. These wheels cannot be completely manufactured using machines; hence there is a possibility of a human error.


  1. Rigidity: Alloy wheels are more rigid as compared to spoke wheels, hence wide tyres can easily be fitted in the alloy wheels and it gives better balancing than the spoke wheels. The wide tyres cannot be easily fitted in the spoke wheels hence normal tyres are provided with the spoke wheels.


  1. Off-road riding: When it comes to off-road riding or mountain riding alloy wheels gives better performance in terms of balancing and handling. As alloy wheel is manufactured of the single metallic block, Due to the repeated shocks and jerks alloy wheel may get damaged, hence most off riding bikes are manufactured with spoke wheel.


  1. Tubeless tyres: Tubeless tyres have many advantages over tube tyres and tubeless tyres can be fitted in alloy wheels, hence alloys wheels are better for tubeless tyres.

Tubeless tyres cannot be fitted in a spoke wheel because, the outer rim is connected to wheel hub using wire spokes hence there is joint, and air may leak from that joint. But now a days many manufactures are providing tubeless tyres with spoke wheels as well by properly sealing the joints between the rim and spokes.


  1. Durability: When it comes to durability, spoke wheels are more durable than alloy wheels.


  1. Repairing: Spoke wheels can be easily repaired as in most of the cases spokes gets damaged. But it is not advised to repair the alloy wheel in case of any damage, Alloy wheels are advised to replace when it gets damaged.



  1. Cost: The cost of manufacturing a spoke wheel is less as compared to an alloy wheel. Most of the manufacturers are providing both options of alloy wheel and spoke wheel.

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