Aaykar Setu – An mobile App for Paying Tax I Apply for PAN I Check TDS

Aaykar setuAaykar Setu

The mobile app ‘Aaykar Setu’, launched by Finance Minister Arun Jaitley, literally means taxpayer’s bridge and will be available on android phones. The app is in the series of actions taken by the Central Board of Direct Taxes (CBDT) to provide better tax payer services and reduce grievances. With the newly launched app, paying income tax, applying for PAN and TDS tracking will be easier. The mobile app is termed at ‘Aaykar Setu’ which literally means Income Tax Bridge for taxpayers.

Key Highlights

  • The primary objective of the app is to help users understand the various nuances of direct taxes, file income tax, apply for PAN (Permanent Account Number), check TDS (tax deducted at source) statement, and even share grievances with the right authorities. There is a live chat option, which will be available to users from 10am to 6pm and will answer all tax-related queries.
  • For filing complaints with the tax department, there is a section called ‘Got a problem’, where users can register their grievances. It also allows users to contact officials in CBDT or Directorate of Income Tax
  • Users can receive timely notifications for important dates and new announcements related to income tax, by registering their mobile number in the app.
  • One of the key highlights of the app is that it allows users to link their 12-digit Aadhaar number with PAN. Following the SC ruling on 9 June, linking Aadhaar to PAN is mandatory for all existing Aadhaar card holders
  • To make understanding taxes more fun and easy, the developer has added a quiz game called Tax Gyaan. It is designed to test users’ knowledge about taxes through multiple choice questions.
  • We can access the desktop version of Aaykar setu by using this link. http://www.incometaxindia.gov.in/pages/tps/default.aspx#slidetarget1

How to download?

Aaykar Setu is the first mobile app by the CBDT and can be downloaded in three simple steps.

  1. Give a missed call on the number 7306525252.
  2. After giving the missed call, you will receive a message from the Income Tax department which will have a link. The message will look like this.
  3. Click on the link that you have received in your message box. The link will take you to Google Play Store to download the Aaykar Setu app.

Simple Layout, but needs improvement

The homepage has been tailored for the small screen. However, in many of the sections, users are redirected to Webpages outside the app. These webpages are not customized for small screens and require frequent zoom-in for a better look at a line or a tab.

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