10 Must Have Essential Car Tools

We tell you about 10 essential car tools that you must carry in your car to make sure you are confident on the roads.


  1. Proper First-Aid Kit

We usually get a first aid kit when we buy a new car. But do you update it with time? You never know when you might need it immediately. Therefore, a proper first aid kit is a must-have while you travel. This should also contain medicines according to your family’s travel needs.

  1. Life hammer

This small tool can do wonders in an emergency situation. We wish you never get to use this but we recommend you to keep it with yourself as it can help you in emergency situations where you might need to break your car’s glass or cut the seatbelt (which is otherwise too hard to cut). As they say, time is the biggest player, this cheap tool can be a life saviour in case you are trapped inside your car in an emergency and need to get out real quick.

  1. Tow Strap

Another important one among essential car tools is a tow strap. There can be times when your car can break down on the road and the workshop is too far for you to push the car yourself. A tow strap proves to be a boon in such cases. You can always ask someone for help and they can tow your car to the nearest workshop.

  1. Jumper Cables

Coming to the third one on our list. Jumper cables can also be of great use in case you are stuck. Most of us usually forget to keep a track of when we replaced our car’s battery the last time. There are chances when your car’s battery might become weak and you haven’t got any idea about it. Instead of being stuck due to the starting problem, you can get going with these cables. If you have jumper cables with you, you can easily start your car with someone’s help.

  1. Duct Tape & Scissors

Ever came across loose or hanging wires inside your car? Not only wires but duct tape can fix hoses, fender bender, broken bumpers temporarily for you so that you can reach your nearest workshop and get it fixed in time. Apart from this, duct tape can help you out in various other non-automotive chores too. Make sure you get a good quality duct tape because they can stick to a wide range of temperatures and situations.

  1. WD-40

This magical thing can can help you lubricate almost everything in your car. You might struggle at times to open a struck screw or a bolt due to possible rust buildup but WD-40 can make it easy for you. The grease and grime buildup can be troublesome at times but this spray can help you get rid of all the troubles in one go. We have included this in our list of essential car tools because small things like changing a flat tyre can be difficult if there is rust buildup on the nuts.

  1. Tyre Inflator

Almost all of us carry spare tyres in our cars but how many of us give it a regular pressure check? Do you remember the last time you checked your car’s spare tyre for its pressure? Most probably, you don’t! Just imagine a situation where you have a flat tyre and you can’t use your spare wheel too because of its low pressure. Doesn’t seem quite favourable! Well, to avoid two useless tyres at the same time, you should always keep a tyre inflator with you.

  1. Flashlight / Torch

When we think of car troubles, we usually think that they will happen on a bright sunny day. But they can occur anytime while we are on our night drives too! This is a basic tool that you will need to check anything that might have happened to your car during the dark hours. Now, most of you might believe that your phone’s flashlight can help you get away with such situations but it is not so. You need a real flashlight for carrying out car repairs in some complex areas under the hood.

  1. Wheel Clamps

You don’t know where you might need to park your vehicle while on a trip. Most of us secure our vehicles through security alarms, gear lever locks. Just to increase the security when parking in open, you can add a wheel clamp to your essential car tools collection. This can help you lock your car’s wheels and increase the security levels.

  1. Portable Fire Extinguisher

Last but not least. Having a fire extinguisher inside your car is a step towards increased safety. Most people in India assume that extinguishers are a must in CNG cars only but just to let you know, any car with any fuel of propulsion can catch fire due to a short circuit. You must keep a fire extinguisher handy in case of any emergency. Make sure you replace it everytime it crosses its expiry date.

These were the  must-have essential car tools that can make you feel more confident while you are on the roads. Share this article with all those who drive their cars too often. If you feel you must carry along anything which is not mentioned in the list above, please let us know in the

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